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Ordering Is Easy - Key Information Below

  • Have a recent merchant statement ready to attach during the lead submission. This will expedite the approval process.
  • Make sure you provide details about how you accept payments. With complete information and a current Merchant Statement, Sphere can provide a proposal within one business day of lead receipt.
  • Sign in with Sphere after reviewing the proposal. A dedicated Sphere Account Executive will then walk you through the application process.
    • Sphere will keep the ACN Independent Business Owner (IBO) informed about the status of your account.
    • You can be approved in as little as one business day!
  • Start processing payments as soon as you’re approved and your account is changed to Activated, which can take at least three business days.

Important IBO Number Information:

On the next page, please verify or enter the ID of the ACN IBO who referred you. Ensure you have the correct ACN IBO’s ID entered so they will receive credit for your order.